Does your Current Headshot Still Look Like You ??

Example Female Business Portrait

The quality of your business portrait determines how the world sees you. Make a lasting impression with an image that conveys the friendliness, warmth, and professional trust you bring to your work.

Does your current headshot represent the look you want to portray to your clients and business associates? Are you still using a picture of your dog or your cat? Let me help you create the perfect image to represent you and your brand.

If you use your own image on your business cards, your website, your marketing materials, or on your social media accounts then it is extremely important that you have a great picture that is up to date and that looks like the real you!

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  • Use Professional Profile Photo

5 Key Ingredients to an Irresistible LinkedIn Profile (Hint: Use a Professional Profile Photo)

The photo you choose to use for your social media profile image sends a strong message about who you are. If your profile photo is in a casual circumstance then it doesn't come across as professional. And worse than having a bad photo is having no photo at all.

  • Realtor Headshot for Mark Potter

People do Business with People

Should I Use My Logo or My Headshot for my Profile Picture? People do business with other people, not with brands!

FAQ – Will I get to Choose the Images I Use?

During your headshot portrait session we will create a number of different options for you to choose from using a combination of poses, lighting angles, backdrops, or outfits.

Facing a Long To-Do List? Eat the Frog First…

Have you got more things to do then you can handle? Is your work list spiralling out of control? If you simply get started on your work list and earn some early completion successes then the rest of the items on the list will quickly fall into place too.

  • Realtor Headshot for Clarisse Shiskowski

FAQ – Should I wear Glasses for my Headshot?

Here are a few guidelines for when you should and should not wear your glasses during a business headshot portrait session.

Are you ready for the New Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) ?

The brand new Canadian Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) will come into force as of July 1, 2014. This is a very broad piece of legislation that has a major impact on the way can now contact others by electronic means in Canada.

Testimonial from Headshot Client Randy Gallant

Environmental Headshots for Randy Gallant

Sean is the best photographer in the city without question! He just takes amazing pictures plain and simple. He is also very easy to work with.

Randy Gallant
ABCO Advertising